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Custom made art by Hilde Alet Malan

The Perfect Gift



Hilde Alet is an artist born and bred in the Gamtoos Valley within the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She specialises in drawing and painting. The scenic beauty around her hometown is the perfect setting when she needs to gain perspective. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of Stellenbosch.

Creating is the passion of Hilde Alet’s life. Whether drawing or painting, she creates art daily while developing her unique and personal style. She regularly completes commissioned work wherein she engages with multiple themes. She has an amazing studio on their farm where she spends day in and day out creating artworks.

When you decide to commission (order) a piece from Hilde Alet Malan, you choose the size, colour palette and composition that you prefer.

Paper from R1499 to R2900.

Frames for Canvasses available:

Black or white: R150 – R330

Oak: R250 – R385

Canvasses from R1699 to R7700

(A canvas can be hung on the wall without being framed, Hilde Alet uses a wooden canvas that is very strong.)

Custom sizes
Please feel free to ask us for a quote if you want a specific size made to suit your exact need. Hilde Alet just loves making art that will suit whatever your needs.

Hilde’s Gallery

How it Works

How it works?

1. You place your order. (Add to order: Name and Surname, Contact number, email address, address for courier)
2. Hilde Alet gets in touch with you.
3. We will email you an invoice.
4. 50% Deposit is paid.
5. 2 Months Waiting period. (Unless organised otherwise at extra percentage cost)
6. You receive picture of Final artwork and balance is paid. You receive tracking number.
7. You receive your one-of-a-kind artwork.

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